Friday, 7 July 2017


Hey Guys!
Have you ever been to a forest before?
If you haven't check out this post because it was fun!
At Timbernook you can have tons of fun!
There were shovels, sticks, you can even make bows and sticks for arrows.
I had fun climbing, running and using my imagination.
I really like doing athletic stuff too.
Sometimes I slipped and I got mud and dirt all over me.
There was also a climbing wall and I completed it two times!
There were swings!
Like a few swings...
There were only two swings.
But they were awesome!
I got dirt under my fingernails...
because I scratched some dirt...
by mistake.
I still had fun though the best thing was how the land was shaped and there were some activites too.
There were also some confusion with my senses when I went off the bus
and I went on the slope,
then my eyes..
..were confusing my feeling sense
because it was going diagonally
then my head felt weird.
It was really fun,
because it was my first time at a forest...
well not exactly
but at a forest that has to give you permission.
Basically it is a private forest,
because people might damage the nature.
The seniors put their bags at the far end,
while the juniors had to put their bags near the entrance.
That's all for today!
Cya later
for now...

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Spaces Facts Incident

Sorry guys! There was an incident right before we were about to release the imovie!! One of the videos like the starting got deleted! Well we could exclude the beginning but the release date is today...
Sorry Guys!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Minecraft Poem

Today I am showing you my blog post for writing...
It is a poem and it rhymes too. This blog post has a screencastify too.
The hard part is when I had to video it at the right time
The easy part was when I had to script it because I know about Minecraft
Here is the video

It is all about mobs.
The video might be blurry
Bye bloggers

Friday, 30 June 2017

Spaces Facts (Update!)

I forgot to tell you guys that it was GMT
So the date of when the movie is released is at...
July 5th 2017 (GMT)
Search up what GMT means so you can keep track of the time in NZ

Keep getting updated!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Spaces Facts Trailer

Hey Guys!
This is a video with another person working on this...
Fenix!..  The interviewer
We are working on an Imovie!
It is done now.
We are releasing our trailer first...
The movie will be released on the 5th of July
And... keep getting updated.
So guys here is Fenix & Kareem's Trailer!

By TypingClubStudio
Keep updated in Fenix's or Kareem's blog.
Also follow too!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Minecraft Animation: Lost Cities (Animation & Document)

It was on a nice remote, calm beach. The Steve family were there, the main character is Normal Steve, the father Steve and the brother Steve. “Let’s go to a forest!” Parent Steve said, “Well I would like to explore!” said Normal Steve. “Let’s go” said Parent Steve. So they went to the forest, Steve said “I’ll get the rocks and materials”, “Ok!” said Parent Steve. Normal Steve climbed the hills and went over to the woods, he chopped down a tree. Steve climbed the hills again and found a huge mountain, he realised it was a volcano, but no magma formed. So he went out of the volcano and mined some of the stone.
He slid down the waterfall because he was full of excitement but he said “I’m lost!” Meanwhile Parent Steve said “What is taking Normal Steve so long?!”  Steve found a cave then he found a mine, he went down the mine railway and then he went in the mineshaft. He found a blown up cave and he found a villager and the villager said “What are you doing here?”, “Well what are you doing here?” said Normal Steve, “Well what are you doing here?” said another villager. “GET OUTTA HERE SMITH!!” said the villager. Then the other villager went away,
The villager explains “This is the lost city”, “A huge blast took out buildings and people”, “Well what caused the blast?” said Normal Steve. The villager said “Well it all happened with an inexperienced electrician.”, “The electrician left the power on for at least 6 hours” , “5 hours is the maximum amount of power used for one day!” , “Or else the power will explode!” , “There are hidden power spots all over the lost city, you can claim them if you want to” “Well i’ll need some powers to navigate home!” said Normal Steve “Ok! Be careful!” said the villager. “Thank you!”
said Normal Steve. Normal Steve walked away and found a mine that had been branch-mined.
He went one way and found a power pad “Power Pad!” he said. Then he flew out of the mine, lost city, cave, in the volcano and flew back to the forest, “Wow Normal Steve!” said Parent Steve “It was a long story…” said Normal Steve, he got out the materials out of his backpack “But the short answer is… i found a power pad and I flew home.” “Wow!! Well i’m talking now to you because I wanted to not talk…” said brother Steve. He used the power of gravity to give the materials to Parent Steve.
Then Steve had used his super building power to build a house fast on the beach that the Steve family walked away from, then he turned the whole beach into a house. Steve went in the house and said “I will never go away without anyone else.”...


QOTD: Have you seen the only easter egg in the document?
Cya Later

Monday, 26 June 2017

Race To Be A Billionaire (Board Game)

Here is my board game, it is called "Race To Be A Billionaire." It is actually a "short game" because it only has about 55 tiles. There are cards too and i'll be letting you take a closer look at the cards and i'm also going to type them.
Here's the photos.
You'll need 1 dice, 2-4 counters, the board game and the cards.
This is a 2-4 player game.
The Good Cards Are:


1,500 CASH:

The Bad Cards Are:




To get a card land on card, then cut out the cards or without closing your eyes put a hole on one of the cards and the card you get on you have to do the action.

Check out my youtube channel:
Thanks For Viewing!